For tenants in Boston, acquiring a house might seem like an impossible feat. Trainee loans together with rising residence costs in the area are barriers that protect against several millennials from starting to homeownership.

However a new record contains hope for some in Boston.

In accordance with Zillow, 18.2 percent of Boston tenants have the adequate credit history and also earnings to acquire a $394,400 house, the average price for the city. That’s in fact a higher share than in many cities.

After taking a look at the country’s biggest rental markets, Zillow discovered that 14 percent of on-market tenants across the country would actually have the ability to purchase a house at the local mean rate. Boston can be found in as the No. 7 market with the highest possible share of occupants qualified to acquire.

San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, and also New York all had higher shares of tenants qualified to acquire compared to Boston did.

Zillow keeps in mind that there are obstacles to homeownership aside from revenue and credit history, such as completing graduate college or starting a family members.

Boston is likewise a little an outlier with a reasonably high 61.1 percent homeownership rate. Markets with lower homeownership prices typically have greater proportions of on-market tenants that have the ability to acquire a residence, Zillow added. Yet Boston’s homeownership price is above in most of the cities with more tenants certified to buy.